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Our Story

1991 –  OnTime was created back in 1991 with the objective of providing transport and messaging services.

1998 – We created new commercial services, specializing in personalized express services- bringing new meaning to our Loading Platform.

2002/04 – In 2002 our Logistics Division is established Two years later, our Full Loads platform is incorporated.

2009 –  Our Passenger Transport platform is created.

2013 – We accomplish one of our dreams: we start collaborating with the Special Employment Centre, – bringing together the workforce and people with special needs.

2015 We move one step ahead. We establish a new line of business Digital Messaging and Document Management, thanks to our innovative and less expensive technologies that will revolutionize the way we send shipments.

2016 We establish Ontime Social Responsibility, cornerstone for our future ONTIME FOUNDATION which we are preparing and is in the making.

2018 We extend our multi-service business to new international markets with the incorporation of our Logistics Centre in Portugal, initially with 7 offices.

Our Philosophy

En Ontime offers endless possibilities for providing the most state of the art technology and professional services at clients’ reach, while continually creating a range of highly reliable and efficient solutions, services and products tailored to clients’ location and time-critical needs.

Each service accreditation is built based on the hard work of our Quality and Environmental Department, under the following international standards:

  • Quality: ISO 9001
  • Environment: ISO 14001
  • OHSAS ISO: 18001
  • Gobernance Risk & Compliance (GRC): ISO 19600 – ISO 31000 – ISO 26000
  • Mobile Security:
    ISO 39001, ISO 31010 y RTS (Road Traffic Safety) . These procedures are crucial for ensuring that the Ontime group continues to run smoothly.

Our Scope

Our clients rely on an organization that offers a full 24-hour service, 365 days a year, which has led us to systematically reduce risks without affecting our quality objectives.

Ontime operates across the country and is represented worldwide by our leading transport and logistics company partners. OnTime is possible thanks to our seven platforms


All our platforms are strategically located in order to provide national shipping and logistic coverage – with established routes and services in each office or centre.

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