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ONTIME Socially Responsible

Year after year, our company donates part of its income to non-profits projects, giving strength to our Corporate Social Responsibility Policies – cornerstone for our future ONTIME FOUNDATION which we are currently working on.

The Corporate Social Responsibility policies developed by Ontime Group in terms of both social and environmental issues are designed to implement integration across all production and commercial processes and in relation with clients, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

Our business strategy includes good practices such as constant learning, work organisation, equal opportunities, social inclusion and sustainable development. As a special employment centre, we design our tasks in such a way that they can be performed and achieved by people with different types of disabilities. At Ontime, we select and train our staff and provide them with the key aspects of their duties so that they can carry out their responsibilities and achieve their best performance with maximum customer satisfaction. Our multi-task team continuously always monitors the performance of all staff members to ensure the safety of our employees.

Our customers can benefit from our services thanks to our collaboration with a special employment centre under the regulations of the Spanish law LISMI (Ley de Integración Social del Minusválido) and therefore developing a social role that empowers our staff, customers and partners.


Music for the Future


Ontime, in accordance to its Corporate Social Responsibility policies organized a non-profit Symphonic Concert last December 21st at 8 pm together with renowned music director Inma Shara and the chamber orchestra Pro-Arte.

The funds raised will be donated towards the Colegio Mater Salvatoris Project in Benín (Africa), which the people from Compañía del Salvador has been working on for years to provide girls in the town of Kalalé with food and shelter.

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