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The Social Responsibility policies developed by the Ontime Group in terms of both social and environmental issues are designed to implement integration across all production and commercial processes and stakeholder relationship with clients, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

We include good practices in lifelong learning, work organization, equal opportunities, social inclusion and sustainable development in our business strategy.

As a special employment center we design our operations so that work can be performed by people with different disabilities:

  • Sales people
  • Telemarketers
  • Administrators
  • Destruction plant operators
  • Route pick-up operators
  • Supervisors and auxiliary staff

At Ontime we select and train our staff in all key aspects of their duties so that they can work at peak performance and with maximum client satisfaction.

Our multidisciplinary team continuously monitors the performance of all staff to ensure job security for our employees at all times.

Our clients can benefit from our services as alternative measures contracted with a Special Employment Center for compliance with LISMI, developing a social role that boosts our staff, clients and partners.

In the future, all this will be handled through our Ontime Foundation, which will be launched in 2015.


The Ontime Quality Policy ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement by meeting the quality objectives established by the company and committing to implement the following decisions.

  • Define, implement and maintain a quality management system, reflected in the quality manual
  • Provide the human and technical resources to ensure quality and environmental management
  • Create a conducive working environment within the company, training and motivating staff in teamwork
  • Ensure continuous revision of the Quality Management System through internal audits, which provide a technical review and facilitate improvement
  • Improve maturity levels in the organization’s performance through self-assessment models
  • Identify and meet client requirements, working daily to improve contracted services and ensure client satisfaction
  • Develop those employee skills that lead to the delegation of responsibility and the ability to manage their own work
  • Achieve a high level of quality in the mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers and partners
  • Use the Ontime internal communication system as an active transmission channel between all levels of the organization.


The Environmental Management Policy is designed to meet the targets set by Ontime and involves all levels of the company committing to the following decisions:

  • Provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace
  • Carry out activities at the facilities in such a way as to prevent damage to public health and the environment
  • Ensure that all products can be used and handled safely
  • Comply with all laws and regulations relating to the environment, as well as the commitments to which Ontime subscribes
  • Involve all stakeholders in a dialogue about our activities
  • Commitment to reducing and preventing pollution
  • Alert and immediately prevent those people who could potentially be affected by possible risks of our products and raw materials from using them, informing them of the protection measures adopted
  • Contribute to the community’s understanding and management of any significant risk that could arise from our products and services
  • Equip and train all employees in the management and implementation of environment-related activities or actions
  • Help develop environmental responsibilities.

In collaboration with:
Ministerio de Industria