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We pick up and deliver your urgent documents and small packages; service available in major cities and their surrounding areas.

Our Courier platform is specialized in tracking proof of delivery (POD) with a local GPRS management service, verifying package tracking in real-time on our website with passwords customized for each client.

We strive to fulfil your request within an hour and a half in cities and two hours for regional deliveries.

We are Spain’s leading company in this service, with uniformed drivers, our own fleet of vehicles, and real-time tracking via GPS.


Ontime offers the most extensive range of services in the industry, giving our clients a balanced choice between speed and savings to any destination in the country.

  • Ontime 8:30 H. Next-day delivery before business hours for those extremely urgent shipments that just can’t wait. This peninsular service only applies to province capitals.
  • Ontime 10:00 H. Next-day delivery before 10:00 a.m. across the peninsula, with a money-back guarantee (subject to service condition). This service is valid in province capitals and other parts of Spain (depending on the distance in kilometers).
  • Ontime 14:00 H. Next day delivery before 2:00 p.m. in province capitals (peninsular) or destinations with an Ontime office.
  • Ontime 19:00 H. Next-day delivery in the rest of the country.


Same-day delivery. We adapt to whatever the client needs. The solution for shipments with the utmost urgency.


Daily return trip with scheduled pick-up and delivery. This is the ideal choice for a balance between speed and savings for any national destination.


Service designed for clients who urgently need to send documents anywhere in the peninsula with the utmost guarantee at an affordable price.

This innovative system provides prepaid 48 x 36 cm bags in which you can send all necessary documentation.

In collaboration with:
Ministerio de Industria