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Ontime offers a money-back guarantee for certain services and destinations that vary depending on the selected coverage. Each is governed by the contract or policy issued by the insurer in collaboration with Ontime.


LOTT (Law Governing Ground transport) (LOTT)

Ontime offers distribution services with liability for damages or losses in the amount of five euros and ninety two cents per kilogram (€5.92/kg) per shipment or dispatch, up to the actual value of the goods. This type of insurance is included in the client rates.

Industrial Policy

Ontime is responsible for damage or loss of shipments up to the amount contracted by the client, who assumes the cost of insurance, included in the monthly bill as a percentage of the shipping rate.

Floating Policy

Ontime assumes full-risk liability for damages or losses to a certain limit per shipment or dispatch. Insurance is included in the monthly bill and represents a percentage of the declared value of the goods (with a minimum billing amount).

Warehousing and Goods Policy

Insurance for client goods stored with different entries and exits and an average amount of stock, according to the goods in question. The insurance will represent a percentage on the monthly bill up to a defined amount on the cost of logistics activities.

In collaboration with:
Ministerio de Industria